About Us

Commonspaces.sg helps citizens and interest groups find meeting spaces for their community activities.  Whether you’re a community group needing a meeting room to plan an event for seniors, or an interest group that’s organising a sports gathering, we hope this site helps you to locate a suitable space for your activity!

How do I use this site?

We’ve compiled a list of public spaces so you can easily find a space that you need (searchable by location, room capacity, amenity, cost, etc).  You’ll be able to find a variety of spaces here, spanning meeting rooms to outdoor parks.  Send an enquiry or booking request directly to the space owner, who will process your application and payment (where applicable). 

For further enquiries or feedback on this portal, please write to: contact@commonspaces.sg.com

Commonspaces.sg is a pilot initiative supported by the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY) and partners to support citizen-led community initiatives.